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Amino Acids: Formula, Molecular Weight

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Amino acids: formula and molecular weight

AminoacidChemical formulaMolecular weight
Found in
Essential amino acids
Isoleucine C6H13NO2131.1736 foods
Leucine C6H13NO2131.1736 foods
Lysine C6H14N2O2146.1882 foods
Methionine C5H11NO2S149.2124 foods
Phenylalanine C9H11NO2165.19 foods
Threonine C4H9NO3119.1197 foods
Tryptophan C11H12N2O2204.2262
Valine C5H11NO2117.1469 foods
Arginine C6H14N4O2174.2017 foods
Histidine C6H9N3O2155.1552 foods
Nonessential amino acids
Alanine C3H7NO289.0935 foods
Asparagine C4H8N2O3132.1184
Aspartate C4H7NO4133.1032
Cysteine C3H7NO2S121.159
Glutamate C5H9NO4147.1299
Glutamine C5H10N2O3146.1451
Glycine C2H5NO275.0669 foods
Proline C5H9NO2115.131 foods
Serine C3H7NO3105.093 foods
Tyrosine C9H11NO3181.1894 foods
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