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Unit Converters

Unit Converters

Acceleration Action Area
Capacitance Density Dynamic viscosity
Electric charge Electric current Electric dipole
Electrical resistance Voltage, electric potential difference Energy, work, or amount of heat
Flow (volume) Force Frequency
Illuminance Inductance Information entropy
Kinematic viscosity Length Luminance
Luminous flux Luminous intensity Magnetic flux
Magnetic flux density Mass Plane angle
Power or heat flow rate Pressure or mechanical stress Radiation - absorbed dose
Radiation - equivalent dose Radiation - exposure Radiation - source activity
Solid angle Speed or velocity Temperature
Time Torque or moment of force Volume
Unit converters (aka unit calculators) are tools that allow to convert between different units of measurement for the same quantity. This is the most complete collection of unit converters with 39 different physical quantities supported. Click on a quantity name above to access the unit converter. You can easily integrate these unit converters with your website by using direct link provided when unit conversion is complete.

If you prefer, you can access the previous version of unit converters.

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